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Financial donations


Clynk bags are available in the Teacher Store at checkout.


If you have a Clynk account you can donate all or part of your balance to 3Rs by searching for "Ruth's Reusable Resources" from your Clynk account


With your donation 3R's is able to serve teachers & students who are in need of essential supplies in Maine and parts of NH


Please make checks payable to Ruth's Reusable Resources

Please send checks to: 

Ruth's Reusable Resources

39 Blueberry Rd

Portland, ME 04102

Product donations
*Please bring donations in containers you do not want back.

Donate your unwanted materials and equipment

Are you a manufacturer looking for a place to send your unwanted but good and reusable over stock?  Are you a company or business that has furniture, supplies, or equipment that are in good or new condition, and no longer needed?


It is always best for you to bring your donations to us.  However, we do pickup large donations from local businesses.  Please contact us to discuss your donation.


Donate your unwanted office and school supplies, arts and crafts materials, books and other items! Drop off donations are accepted on Select Fridays from 9:30 a.m to 2:30 p.m. Please contact us before you put it in the trash or send it to be recycled.

Donation Guidelines

In general, if it goes in, on or around your desk or is found in an office or a school we will take it.

All items must be in good, usable or reusable condition.

  • We cannot accept items or materials that are broken, unusable, potentially hazardous or that require special disposal (such as fluorescent bulbs, chemicals and certain outdated technology and electronic equipment).

This list includes as many things as we could think of, but is not exhaustive. If you have a question about a specific donation and these guidelines don’t answer it, please feel free to call us at 207-699-5565 or send an email to Photos can be helpful for furniture and other large donations.

Donations can be dropped off on Select Fridays from 9:30 a.m-2:30 p.m at our warehouse located at 39 Blueberry Rd. Portland, Maine

  • Paper and Envelopes
    Yes, Please. Copy and Printer paper(white & colored) Lined filler paper Notebooks and notepads 1 subject notebooks Post it notes Card stock Construction paper Scrapbook and craft paper Art paper Chart and Easel pads Envelopes (plaine business, letter size, colored, lined) Padded mailers Large manila or shipping envelopes No, Thank you. Letterhead with company names/logos Envelopes with company names/logos Pin fed paper (i.e. paper with holes along the sides to feed it through the printer Window envelopes
  • Office, School Supplies, Accessories, & Equipment
    Yes, Please. Desk top accessories, such as monitor stands and pencil cups Organizing items, such as letter trays and drawer dividers Staplers Tape dispensers Hole punches File trays Bulletin boards Dry erase & chalk boards Easels 3 ring binders (new or used) Pencils & Pens Colored pencils Crayons Markers (permanent, washable, dry & wet erase, etc.) Highlighters (all colors) Binder & paper clips Staples Tape (scotch, masking, packing, duct) Glue sticks Glue of all types (school, craft, super) Rulers & yard sticks Erasers of all kinds (pencil cap erasers are always in high demand) Pocket folders No, Thank you. Opened & used toner and ink cartridges Plastic items that are broken or cracked Cubicle walls and connectors Plastic phone stands Plastic hanging organizers for cubicle walls Office phones, answering machines Typewriters Electronic adding machines
  • Computers & Related Equipment
    Please contact us at prior to donation. We cannot accept non working technolgy of any kind. Yes, Please. All items manufactured by Apple- phones, tablets, CPU's Smart Phones Chromebooks Tablets of all kinds Laptops (Windows 7 or newer) LCD Display 20" or larger Table size or smaller laser printers Wireless keyboards and mice Unique periperals (drawing tablets etc.) LCD projectors (2010 or newer) Full color laser printers Vintage computers- 1980-1995(please contact us) No, Thank you. Older or non-working equipment of any kind Cell phones (unless smartphone) Electronic toys Desktop computers Monitors less than 20" Inkjet printers Wired keyboards and mice Used or open boxes or toner and printer ink
  • Books
    We can use books in good condition with intact covers, no missing pages and no significant damage (such as mildew or water damage). Books must be dropped off in BOXES that are SMALL ENOUGH FOR A SINGLE PERSON TO LIFT. A paper box is the perfect size. Yes, Please. Picture books Novels, literature, and chapter books for all reading levels Text books (copyright date 2010 or newer) Professional and reference books (copyright date 2010 or newer) Vintage or antique No, Thank you. Encyclopedias Text books with copyright dates of 2010 or earlier Professional or reference books with copyright dates of 2010 or earlier
  • Furniture
    All furniture must be in good, reusable condition. We cannot accept any furniture that is in poor, unusable, or unsafe condition. Yes, Please. Chairs (desk chairs on wheels, waiting room or side chairs, stacking and folding chairs) Desks (Please contact us first) Bookshelves and bookcases Tables (conference style, folding, etc.) Filing cabinets (all sizes, metal only) No, Thank you. Upholstered household furniture, such as sofas Any furniture made of particle board Desks that are very large or made of particle board Dining tables
  • Children's & Household Items
    Yes, Please. Games; board, card, etc. (even if missing pieces) Puzzles (even if missing pieces) Toys (small) Legos, blocks, and other construction toys Balls, jump ropes, Frisbees, and other active play items Sidewalk chalk Marbles Containers of all types with and without lids (baskets, bowls, boxes) Plastic "Ziplock" bags all sizes (new) Silverware and serving utensils Small hand tools (screw drivers, tape measures, hammers, etc.) Jewelry (even if broken) Washers, nuts, screws, bolts No, Thank you. Chemicals, open cleaning products, or the empty containers they come in. House paint (interior/exterior reguardless of whether it is open or new) TV's (except for working flat screen TV's that are 3 years old or newer) Clothing Large appliances Power tools Broken or unsafe toys of any kind Infant toys and equipment (strollers, car seats, cribs, etc.) Large stuffed animals Large toys, such as bicycles
  • Art, Craft, & Sewing Supplies
    Yes, Please. Paint (poster, water color, oil, acrylic etc.) Paint brushes and related tools Coloring tools (crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.) Yarn, thread, string Fabric, textiles Leather & vinyl scraps that are 4"x6" or larger with no holes Sewing notions (buttons, zippers, etc) Ribbon, trim, rickrack Craft supplies of all types Popsicle sticks Pipe cleaners Sandpaper (new & used) Beads of all types Jewelry Smooth wood and wood trimmings Glitter and sequins Velcro Wire No, Thank you. Spray paint (aerosols) Paint that is dried out, spoiled, or otherwise unusable House paint (interior & exterior) Leather & Vinyl scraps smaller than 4"x6" with holes punched in them
  • Things to save from the trash & recycling bins
    Yes, Please. Egg cartons 35 millimeter film containers Jars for babyfood, spices and other small jars Bottle caps (metal & plastic; all sizes) Calendars with classroom appropriate photos, 2018 & newer Clean clear containers (any size) Clothespins Coffee cans with lids (plastic & metal) Cardboard tubes (toilet tissue, paper towel, plastic wrap, foil, etc.) Packing peanuts Spools (empty or with thread) Straws (clean) CD & DVD disks Keys Pie tins & metal microwave meal plates Samples & sample books (wallpaper, fabric, paint, tile, flooring) Promotional items (stress balls, pens, reusable bags, etc.) No, Thank you. Anything that is not clean, such as food containers that have not been thoroughly rinsed.
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