Teacher &

Public Store



Public Store Hours: September only: 

                  Tues                          3pm - 6pm

                  Wed/Thurs               1pm - 6pm

                  Sat                             9am - 2pm 

Teacher Store Hours  September only:

                  Tues                          3pm - 6pm

                  Wed/Thurs               1pm - 6pm

                  Sat                             9am - 2pm 

Donation Drop off hours

                 Select Fridays         9:30am - 2:30pm

Closed: Mondays & Fridays, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving & Christmas Vacation, and Memorial Day Weekend.


3R’s Inclement Weather Policy: Check our Facebook page and local news stations WCSH 6, & WGME 13.


Public Store information

The Public Store is located in the same building and shares an entrance with the Teacher Store. This Public Store is open to the general public on a cash or card basis. All items are modestly priced, sometimes at just a quarter of the retail value!

Please come and check it out!


3R’s allows the Lead teacher of a classroom and any lead teachers from the following departments to shop: Art, Guidance, Librarians, Music, Nurse, Phys. Ed., Secretary, Principal / Asst. Principal. These Lead teachers are the only shoppers permitted to pick up items with posted limits.

3R’s allows full time Ed Techs to shop for any non-limited items.


Please inform 3R’s (via fax or email) of any changes (additions, replacements or deletions) to your school list throughout the year, including sick / maternity leave or a permanent change in teaching staff. Only listed staff will be eligible to shop, therefore timely updates are crucial. Please include the full name, position/job title, and grade/subject of new employee and dates that apply.


Please do not park in front of the loading docks or the store entrance. Store entrance is at the far end of the building.

Please note: Shopping companions (children, spouses, friends, etc.) cannot be accommodated in the store. Shopping is for member staff only. We respectfully ask you to honor this policy. If you need assistance our staff will gladly provide it. During shopping hours children may not be left unattended in the 4 Public Store

All items obtained at 3R’s are for school use only. By signing in and shopping in the Teacher Store, you agree to use all items in your classroom for the benefit of your students. Shoppers must not shop for other members.

The only thing that 3R’s asks of our shoppers is that you write thank you notes to our donors. Periodically, you will receive a list of donors to thank during your shopping trip and these notes should be from you and your students. Thank you notes to donors help us receive repeat donations and keep our shelves stocked with materials for use in your classroom. ALSO, we welcome letters, emails and pictures that show and tell how your class and children have benefited from the items donated to 3R’s!