The Teacher Store

Teacher Store Hours

Tue 3pm-6pm

Wed/Thurs 1pm-6pm

Sat 9am-2pm







Teacher Shopping Policies


 For a school membership application, please contact  


  • Shopping is for member staff only.

  • 3R’s allows the Lead teacher of a classroom and any lead teachers from the following departments to shop: Art, Guidance, Librarians, Music, Nurse, Phys. Ed., Secretary, Principal / Asst. Principal. These Lead teachers are the only shoppers able to pick up limited items.

  • Shoppers must have a room or office in member building.

  • 3R’s allows full time Ed Techs to shop for any non-limited items.

  • All items obtained at 3R’s are for school use only. By signing the pledge on the check-out sheet, you are agreeing to use all items in your classroom for the benefit of your students.

  • Shoppers must not shop for other members. All limited items are available on a “take once per week” basis, or as otherwise labeled.

  • Shopping companions (children, spouses, friends, etc.) cannot be accommodated in the store.  We respectfully ask you to honor this policy. If you need assistance our staff will gladly try and help to provide it.

  • During shopping hours children may not be left unattended in the 4 Public Store.


Please park in designated parking spaces. Please do not park in front of the loading docks or the store entrance. Store entrance is at the far end of the building. Large items can be picked up from the loading dock area.

3R’s Inclement Weather Policy:

Please check our Facebook page, website and New’s Channel’s 6, 8, & 13.



If I need special assistance, may I bring someone to help me in the Teacher Store?


Generally we have staff and volunteers who can assist you with the cart, picking up items, and loading up your vehicle. If you need further assistance feel free to call ahead of time so arrangements can be worked out.


Why are ed techs only allowed to take items with no posted limits?


Ed techs work with the lead teacher who generally does the shopping for that classroom. In fairness to single teacher classrooms, only the lead teacher may take items with limits. Please contact us if you are an ed tech with your own classroom/room.


What do you do with all the data we fill out on our sheets?


3R's uses the data for a number of reasons...

How often can I shop?


You may shop ONCE during the open hours of August. After that you from September to May, you may shop whenever you need stuff, respecting the once a week, month, or year limits.

Can you hold items for me that I can't fit in my car?


We could accommodate if you were to return the same day with needed vehicle. Our space is limited and sometimes items are not picked up. In fairness to others, it is first-come, first served.

Do you need to know if I have changed schools/grades?


PLEASE keep us updated on any changes in your email address, work site, name, grade or title.


I'm pretty busy, but how can I help 3R's?


You can help in a variety of ways, including:


1. Spreading the word about 3R's to your colleagues, friends, and business associates

2. Writing thank you letters telling "how the materials helped students learn"

3. Volunteering 2 hours a month

4. Monetary Donations and/or Gift in Kind donations

5. Participating in 3R's events and fund raisers and encouraging others to do so too

6. Donating supplies that are useful to other teachers (i.e. when you retire)

7. Share your talents or hobbies with us—we may be able to work together.

8. Reference 3R's in your grants, newsletters, websites, and other PR. Let folks know where you get your great stuff and how much it helps you teach and students learn.

9. AND, keep on shopping!