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The 4 Public Store


4 Public Store Hours

Tue 3pm-6pm

Wed and Thurs 1pm-6pm

Sat 9am-2pm

The 4 Public Store is a small, thrift-type store that is open to the general public. It is located in the same building as the Teacher Store, but is not limited to just teachers. The two stores have the same hours of operation, except that the 4 Public Store is open during the summer while the Teacher Store is closed. The 4 Public Store is very different from the Teacher Store in that the products/items are different from one another.


The 4 Public Store is an eclectic montage of vintage merchandise, glassware, photo frames, party, wedding supplies, papers, and more. Not forgetting the “one of a kind” donations of furniture and technology equipment. Merchandise is priced well below retail and is a treasure trove for crafters, artists and bargain hunters of all walks of life. Proceeds from the 4 Public Store help support 3Rs’ programs while being a big service to the community in having a place for people to donate their extra or unwanted craft, sewing, stamping, scrapping, and kids crafts.


You can shop the

4 Public Store

online at Shopify by clicking the link below

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